Meet our board


Chair - Tyler MacLane

Vice Chair - Bonnie Rose

Secretary - Caralei White

Treasurer -  Denise Wilson

Auxiliary Positions

Meet Chair/ Special Events - Wendy Cruickshank

Marketing & Website Chair- Angela VanKessel

Fundraising Chair- Logan Cunningham

Maintenance Chair- Graham Cruickshank / Tyler MacLane

Other Members:

Brenda Dicks

Rosanna Kelly-Amirault

How To Become a Board Member

At our AGM each Spring, we host an election for open seats on our Board of Directors. If you are interested in becoming a member before our AGM, contact a board member to see if there may be a space you can fill.

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising is a large part of any not-for-profit. We need a strong and outgoing fundraising committee to ensure we can keep costs low and keep our gym running smoothly. New committee members can join anytime by contacting the office or attending a fundraising meeting (will be posted on facebook and website by the fundraising board member.

Maintenance Committee

If you are interested in volunteering time towards building cleaning and upkeep or have the skills needed to do more, please notify the front desk.


We always need more volunteers! If you're interested in helping at an event or around our facility, please sign up at the front desk.